Music: 17 June to 13 August 2017

SATURDAY 17 June 2017

4.30 p.m. Family Eucharist

NHWS 67               Father I place into your hands

NHWS 411             Gloria

NHWS 220             Make me a channel of your peace

NHWS 255             One more step along he world I go


SUNDAY 18 June 2017                                                       FIRST AFTER TRINITY


Introit                      NEH 237                                 Morning has broken

Setting                     Deutsche Messe - Schubert

Anthem                   O sing joyfully - Batten

Gradual                   EH 483 (T Wareham)              Strong Son of God

Offertory                 NEH 263 (omit vv 5 and 6)    All creatures of our God and King

Communion            NEH 378                                 Immortal love

Post Communion    NEH 477                                 Ye that know the Lord is gracious

Organ                      Toccata in Seven by John Rutter



Responses               Sheppard

Psalm                      43

Office Hymn           HPP 182                                 Christ gives his children angels’ food

Canticles                  Set C

Hymn                      NEH 295                                 Let all mortal flesh keep silence

Anthem                  Ave Verum - Elgar

NEH 269 Part 2,

NEH 268 Part 2


Organ                      March from the Occasional Oratorio by G F Handel


Sunday 25 June 2017                                           ST ALBAN, PROMARTYR OF BRITAIN


Introit                      NHWS 279                             Praise to God for saints and martyrs

Setting                     Rizza

Gradual                   NEH 449                                 Soldiers of Christ arise

Gospel Acclamation - Alleluia

Offertory                 NEH 477                                 Ye that know

Anthem                   Panis Angelicus by César Franck

Commmunion         NEH 297                                 Lord Jesus Christ

Post Communion    NHWS 113                             Great is thy faithfulness

Organ                      Tuba Tune by C S Lang


6.30 p.m. Evensong

Responses               Ebdon

Psalm                      64

Office Hymn           NEH 217 (T235)                     Martyr of God

Canticles                  Set D

Anthem                   God that madest earth and heaven – Welsh trad arr. David Thorne

Hymn                      NEH 317                                 With Christ we share

                                NEH 248 (2T)                         O strength and stay

Organ                      Dialogue à deux chœurs du 8eTon by G G Nivers


Sunday 2 July 2017                                                              ST PETER AND ST PAUL


Introit                      216 (433T)                              Disposer supreme

Setting                     Thorne – Trinity Mass

Anthem                   How beautiful upon the mountains by John Stainer

Gradual                   NEH 172 (443t)                      Thou art the Christ

Offertory                 NEH 296 (1T)                         Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour

Communion            NEH 308                                 The we adore

Post Communion    CP 237                                    We sing the glorious conquest

Organ                      Finale by Andrew Moore



NHWS 125                                                             He is Lord

NHWS 411                                                             Gloria

NHWS 327 (T NEH 167 Aurelia)                          The universe was waiting

NHWS 283                                                             Rejoice in the Lord always


6.30 p.m. EVENSONG

Reponses                 Ferial

Psalm                      138

Office Hymn           NEH 214 om 2,5 (2T)             Let the round world

Canticles                  Set D

Anthem                   O come ye servants of the Lord – Christopher Tye

Hymns                    NEH 215                                 Captains of the saintly band

NEH 450                                 Soldiers who are Christ’s below

Organ                      Prelude in D Major by Dietrich Buxtehude


SUNDAY 9 July 2017                                                                          FOURTH AFTER TRINITY


Introit                      NEH 377                                 Immortal, invisible

Setting                     Ash Grove Gloria (NHWS 414), Sanctus & Benedictus Inwood, Agnus Dei Farrell

Gradual                   NEH 239                                 Lord of all hopefulness

Offertory                 NHWS 238                             O for a thousand tongues

Communion            NHWS  184                            Jesus took a piece of bread

Post Communion    NHWS 326                             The Spirit lives to set us free

Organ                      Choral Song in C by S S Wesley



Introit                      NEH 394                                 Let all the world

Responses               Smith

Psalm                      56

Office Hymn           NEH 241                                 Before the ending of the day

Canticles                  Brewer in D

Anthem                   How lovely are the messengers by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Hymn                      NEH 359                                 Fight the good fight                

NEH 253                                 The duteous day now closeth

Organ                      Prelude on a theme of Orlando Gibbons by C V Stanford


Saturday 15 July 2017

4.30 p.m. Family Eucharist

Introit                      NHWS 289                             Seek ye first

Gloria                      NHWS 411

Offertory                 NHWS 125                             He is Lord

Post Communion    NHWS 378                             You shall go out with joy


Sunday 16 July 2017                                                                            FIFTH AFTER TRINITY


Introit                      NEH 285                                 For the beauty of the earth

Setting                     Thorne – Mass of St Thomas

Anthem                   Thy word is a lantern by Henry Purcell

Gradual                   NEH 407                                 Lord thy word abideth

Gospel Acclamation - Alleluia

Offertory                 NEH 137                                 Come down O love divine

Communion            NEH 302                                 O thou who at thy Eucharist did pray

Post Communion    NEH 235                                 Forth in thy name O Lord I go

Organ                      Trumpet Tune in D Major by David Johnson



Responses               Ferial

Psalm                      60

Office Hymn           HPP 258 (TNEH235)             O Lord and maker

Canticles                  Set B

Hymn                      NEH 347                                Come gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove

Anthem                   Ave verum by Camille Saint-Saëns        

Hymns                    NEH 269 Part 2, NEH 268 Part 2

Blessed Praises

Organ                      Fantasia in G Major by J S Bach


Sunday 23 July 2017                                                                            SIXTH AFTER TRINITY


Introit                                      NEH 440 (omit 4f)                  Praise to the Lord the Almighty

Setting                                     Rizza

Gradual                                   NEH 265                                 Lord of beauty

Gospel Acclamation  -             Celtic Alleluia

Offertory                                 NEH 338  (T50)                      At the name of Jesus

Anthem                                   Bread of the world – Trad Scottish arr. Alan Bullard

Communion                            NEH 347                                 Come gracious Spirit

Post Communion                    NHWS 338                             To God be the glory

Organ                                      Toccata pour Grand Orgue by Gaston Bélier


6.30 p.m. Evensong

Responses                               Ferial

Psalm                                      67

Office Hymn                           HPP 256 (TNEH 210)            Christ mighty Saviour

Canticles                                  Set B

Anthem                                   He that shall endure to the end – Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Hymns                                    NEH 434                                 Oft in danger, oft in woe

                                                NEH 383                                 Jesu, lover of my soul

Organ                                      Scherzo by Alan Ridout


Sunday 30  July 2016                                                           SEVENTH AFTER TRINITY


Introit                                      NEH 238                                 New every morning is the love

Setting                                     Deutsche Messe - Schubert

Gradual                                   NEH 406 omit v5                    Lord teach us how to pray aright

Gospel Acclamation                Celtic Alleluia

Offertory                                 NEH 362                                 Glorious things

Anthem                                   Day by day by Martin How

Communion                            NEH 305                                 Soul of my Saviour

Post Communion                    NHWS 186                             Jubilate, everybody

Organ                                      Toccata in C Major by J S Bach



Reponses                                 Ebdon

Psalm                                      75

Office Hymn                           NEH 241                                 Before the ending of the day

Canticles                                  Set C

Anthem                                   Jesu joy of man’s desiring by J S Bach

Hymns                                    NEH 359                                 Fight the good fight

                                                NEH 244                                 Glory to thee, my God, this night

Organ                                      Prelude in E Minor by J S Bach


Sunday 6 August 2017                                                         TRANSFIGURATION


Introit                      Sheet (T NEH 3ii)                   Prince of mercy. Lord and Saviour

Setting                     Thorne – Trinity Mass

Gradual                   NEH 178                                 Tis good, Lord, to be here

Gospel Acclamation - Alleluia

Offertory                 NEH 177 (T NEH 112)          Christ upon the mountain peak

Anthem                   Teach us O Lord – Thomas Attwood

Communion            NEH 286                                 From glory to glory advancing

Post Communion    NHWS 210                             Shine, Jesus, shine

Organ                      Chorale Improvisation on ‘Nun danket alle Gott’ by Sigfrid Karg-Elert


11.15 a.m. Family Eucharist

Introit                      NHWS 219                             Majesty

Gloria                      NHWS 411

Offertory                 NHWS 210                             Shine Jesus shine

Post Communion    NHWS 87                               Give me joy


6.30 p.m. Evensong

Responses               Ebdon

Psalm                      72

Office Hymn           NEH 176                                 O vision blest

Canticles                  Set D

Anthem                   Lord, I trust thee      G F Handel

Hymn                      NEH 349                                 Come let is join our cheerful songs

NEH 246                                 Holy Father, cheer our way

Organ                      Les Cloches by Nicolas Lebéque


Sunday 13 August 2017                                                         THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY

Please note change of service times on this day                                    PATRONAL FESTIVAL


Introit                                      NEH 188 (2T) omit vv 4-6     Ye who own the faith of Jesus

Setting                                     Gloria (NEH363 (T338),  

Slane Sanctus/Benedictus(NHWS 415),

Repton Agnus Dei (NHWS 416)

Gradual                                   NEH 187 T 387                      Virgin born, we bow before thee

Offertory                                 NEH 478                                 Ye watchers and ye holy ones

Anthem                                   Ave Maria by Simon Lindley

Communion                            HPP435 NEH 248iiT              The Lord God said

Post Communion                    Sheet (T NEH 508)                 Maiden yet a mother

Organ                                      Toccata on Ave Maris Stella by Flor Peeters


2.15 p.m. CHORAL EVENSONG with Solemn Benediction

Introit                                      NEH  182                                Her Virgin eyes

Responses                               Smith

Psalm                                      132

Office Hymn                           NEH 181 2T                           The God, whom earth and sea and sky

Canticles                                  Stanford in Bb

Hymn                                      CP240 om1 T NEH352          The prophet gave the sign

Anthem                                   Ave Maria by Sir Edward Elgar

Hymns                                    NEH 269 Part 2,

NEH 268 Part 2

Blessèd Praises

Organ                                      Toccata in D Minor by J S Bach

Canon Tom Mendel MA, SSC, Vicar
Victor Potter, Snr FNMSM, Cert RSCM, FASC, LGMS, MISM, Organist and Director of Music   

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