Music: 5 March to 23 April 2017

SUNDAY 5 March 2017                                      First of Lent


Introit                      NEH  63                  All ye who seek a comfort sure

Setting                     Thorne                     Mass of St Thomas

Gradual                   Responsorial  Psalm 51 (NEH 532)

Gospel Acclamation – Praise to you O Christ, King of eternal glory

Offertory                 NEH 439                 Praise to the Holiest

Organ                      Berceuse by Louis Vierne                      

Post Communion    NEH 67                   Forty days and forty nights

Organ                      Chorale Prelude on Wir glauben all in einen Gott by J S Bach


11.15 a.m. Family Eucharist

NHWS 381             Bless the Lord, my soul

Kyries                      NHWS 410

NHWS 289             Seek ye first

NHWS 214             Love is his word



6.30 p.m.EVENSONG                         

Responses               Smith

Psalm                      50 vv 1-15

Office Hymn           NEH 60                   O kind Creator,

Canticles                                                  Set A

Anthem                   O Lord my God – SS Wesley                                

Hymns                    NEH 75                   O thou who dost accord us

                                NEH 445                 Rock of ages cleft for me

Organ                      Fugue from Sonata II by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy


SUNDAY 12 March 2017                                                    Second of Lent


Introit                      NEH 65                   Christian dost thou see them

Setting                     Ode to joy Gloria, Angel Voices Sanctus and Benedictus, Repton Agnus Dei

Gradual                   NEH 148 (vv1,7,8) The God of Abraham praise

Gospel Accl’n         Praise to you O Christ, King of eternal glory

Offertory                 NEH 373 (376T)     How shall I sing that majesty

Communion            Adagio from Sonata I by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Post Communion    NEH 453                 Stand up, stand up for Jesus

Organ                      Chorale Prelude on ‘Herr, ich habe, missgehandelt’ by F W Marpurg



Introit                      NEH 379                 In the Cross of Christ I glory

Responses               Ebdon

Psalm                      135 vv 1-14

Office Hymn           NEH 59 (2T)           Now is the healing time decreed

Canticles                  Faux Bourdons – William Byrd

Hymn:                     NEH 73                   My God, I love thee

Anthem                   Nolo mortem peccatoris -  Thomas Morley

Hymns                    NEH 382                 Jesus grant me this, I pray

                                NEH 383 om 3        Jesu, lover of my soul

Organ                      Alla Marcia by John Ireland


Saturday 18 March 2017

4.30 p.m. Family Eucharist

NHWS 166             I will enter his gates

NHWS 410             Kyrie

NHWS 164             It’s me, it’s me, it’s me O Lord

NHWS 142             I cannot tell



SUNDAY 19  March 2017                                                   Third of Lent


Introit                      NEH 74                   O for a heart to praise our God

Setting                     Schubert Deutsche Messe

Responsorial Psalm 42           (NEH 530)                             

Gradual                   NEH 76                   Take up thy cross

Offertory                 NHWS 309 (1T)     Take my life

Communion            Andantino from Piéces de Fantaisie by Louis Vierne

Post Communion    NHWS 368             Guide me, O thou Great Redeemer

Organ                      Gigue Fugue in C by Dietrich Buxtehude                              


6.30 p.m. 1st EVENSONG of ST JOSEPH with SOLEMN BENEDICTION                               

Responses               Sheppard

Psalm                      132

Office Hymn           NEH 160 (T 190ii)  Lord, hear the praises

Canticles                  Set C

Hymn                      HPP 410 (T385)     We praise you, Father, for that man

Anthem                   Author of life divine by Cecilia MacDowell

Hymns 269 Part 2 and 268 Part 2


Organ                      Toccata in F Major by Dietrich Buxtehude


Sunday 26 March 2017                        THE ANNUNCIATION MOTHERING SUNDAY


Introit                      NEH  187 (T387)    Virgin born we bow before thee                            

Setting                     Thorne                     Trinity Mass (with Gloria for a Principal Feast of the Lord)

Hymn:                     HPP 411 (T49ii)     Angels and seraphim

Gradual                   NEH 186                 Tell out my soul

Offertory                 NHWS 25               Be still for the presence of the Lord

Communion Anthem - Hail Mary by Carol Cooper

Post Communion    NHWS 220             Make me a channel

Organ                      Toccata on Ave Maris Stella by Flor Peeters


6.30 p.m. EVENSONG        

Responses:              Sheppard

Psalm                      131, 146

Office Hymn:          180 2T                     Hail, O star that pointest

Canticles                  Set C

Anthem                   Ave Maria by Simon Lindley

Hymns                    NEH 188 1,2,7 (2T) Ye who own the faith of Jesus

NEH 182                 Her virgin eyes

Organ                      Chorale Prelude on ‘Schmuche dich’ by Johannes Brahms


SUNDAY 2 April 2017                                                         Fifth of Lent


Introit                      NEH 461                 There’s a wideness (T Corvedale)                          

Setting                     Rizza

Psalm                      NEH 536                 Ps 103    

Gradual                   NEH 92                   There is a green hill

Offertory                 NEH 439                 Praise to the holiest                                

Communion            Organ – Chorale prelude on ‘O sacred head’ by J S Bach

Post Communion    NHWS 82               The servant king

Organ                      Master Tallis’s Testament by Herbert Howells



Introit                      NHWS 131             Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

Kyrie                       NHWS 410

Offertory                 NHWS 214 1-4       Love is his word

Post communion     NEH 113                 Great is thy faithfulness


6.30 p.m. EVENSONG        

Responses:              Ferial

Psalm                      30

Office Hymn:          NEH 78 vs 1,3 and 5

Canticles                  Set D

Anthem                   Thou art God by Lionel Bourne             

Hymns                    NEH 94                   We sing the praise

NEH 89                   O dearest Lord, thy sacred head

Organ                      Choral Prelude on ‘Schmucke dich’ by Johannes Brahms


SUNDAY 9 April 2017                                                         PALM SUNDAY


Introit                      NEH 511                 Ride on, ride on

Anthem                   A Palm Sunday Antiphon by David Morgan

Procession               NEH 509                 All glory, laud and honour

Setting                     Thorne                     Trinity Mass

Gradual                   NEH 95                   When I survey

Gospel Acclamation Praise to you O Christ, King of eternal glory

Offertory                 NEH 86                   My song is love unknown (omit vs 4 and 6)

Communion            NEH 73                   My God I love thee

Post Communion    Lord through this Holy Week (T NEH 248 ii)

Organ                      Chorale Prelude on ‘Valet will ich dir geben’ by Flor Peeters


6.30 p.m. CRUCIFIXUS - music and Readings for Passiontide – See separate sheet


THURSDAY 13 April 2017                                                MAUNDY THURSDAY

8.00 p.m. Sung Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper

Introit                      NEH 272                 All for Jesus

Setting                     Thorne – Mass of St Thomas

Gradual                   NEH 269 T486       The heavenly word

Offertory                 NEH 293 (T339)     Jesus our master

Anthem                   Panis Angelicus – César Franck

Procession to the Altar of Repose

Go to dark Gethsemane (T NEH 276 1T)



FRIDAY 14 April 2017                                                        GOOD FRIDAY

11.00 a.m. Good Friday Workshop – Concluding worship. Hymns TBA


12.00 – 1.30  p.m. the Preaching of the Passion. Hymns TBA (No Choir)


1.45 - 3.00 p.m. The Good Friday Liturgy (No Choir)

Gradual                   NEH 90                   O Sacred Head

Hymns                    NEH 95                   When I survey

                                NEH 79 (T128ii)     The royal banners forward go


SATURDAY 15 April 2017                                                 EASTER EVE

8.00 p.m. The Easter Vigil

The Exsultet

Setting                     Thorne – Trinity Mass

Gradual                   NEH 116 (T376)     O praise our great and glorious Lord

Hymn (post address)NEH 114               Now is eternal life

                                NEH 112                 Jesus lives

Offertory                 NEH 103                 Alleluya, Alleluya

Anthem                   Ave verum – Mozart

Communion            NEH 271                 Alleluia sing to Jesus

Post Communion    NEH 120                 Thine be the glory

Organ                      Chorale Prelude on Christ lag in todesbanden by J S Bach


SUNDAY 16 April 2017                                                       EASTER DAY


Introit                      NEH 110                 Jesus Christ is risen today (with fanfares)

Setting                     Ode to joy Gloria, Angel Voices Sanctus and Benedictus, Repton Agnus Dei

Gradual                   NEH 123                 Walking in the garden

Offertory                 NEH 296                 Lord enthroned

Communion            Choir                       This joyful Eastertide

Post Communion    NEH 120                 Thine be the glory

Organ                      Toccata from Suite Gothique by Leon Boellman



NHWS 166             I will enter his gates

NHWS 411             Gloria

NHWS 4                 Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks

NHWS 332             This is the day



6.30 p.m.                                CHORAL EVENSONG with SOLEMN BENEDICTION

Introit                      NEH 117                 The day of Resurrection

Responses:              Sheppard

Psalm                      Easter Anthems

Hymn                      NEH 113                 Love’s redeeming work

Canticles                  Stanford in C

Anthem                   The strife is o’er - Ley                            

Hymns                    NEH 269 Part 2, NEH 268 Part 2

Blessed Praises

Organ                      Thema met Variaties by Hendrik Andriessen



SUNDAY 23 April 2017                                                       SECOND OF EASTER


Introit                      NEH 112                 Jesus lives

Setting                     Rizza

Anthem                   Most glorious Lord of Life - Harris

Gradual                   NEH 124                 Ye choirs of new Jerusalem

Offertory                 NEH 104                 At the Lamb’s high feast (with fanfares)

Communion            NEH 304                 Once, only once

Post Communion    NEH 375                 Lord of the dance

Organ                      ‘Father’ from Canticle of the Rose by Alan Ridout


3.00 p.m. Service of the Resurrection  (annual service for the Bereaved)
Music TBA.

There will be no sung Evensong on this day.



Canon Tom Mendel MA, SSC, Vicar

Victor Potter, Snr FNMSM, Cert RSCM, FASC, LGMS, MISM, Organist and Director of Music   

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